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Related Minors - Child and Youth Care (BA)

Open to TMU students not in the Child and Youth Care program:

Information about minors is available via the Undergraduate Calendar.

Minors, Academic Performance and Academic Standing

Minors are optional and students are reminded that their focus should be on the completion of their program’s graduation requirements. Students are cautioned that taking extra courses in order to earn a Minor could affect overall academic performance and Academic Standing.

Students on Probationary Standing will not be permitted to take extra courses for the purposes of earning a Minor.

It is the student's responsibility to apply for the Minor at the time they apply to graduate (they are two separate procedures on MyServiceHub).

In the event that a student is not eligible for their chosen Minor(s), but is eligible to graduate from their degree program, he/she will still graduate from the degree program. In other words, the requirements for the Minor do not need to be satisfied in order to graduate from the program.