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Alumni Testimonials

Child and Youth Care (MA) graduates share their experience

The Child and Youth Care master’s program was a perfect blend of clinical, theoretical and managerial knowledge, presented from a child and youth care perspective. It opened my mind to the possibilities of child and youth care beyond the day-to-day practice. Child and Youth Care Theory class was my 'B-12' shot of child and youth care for the week. I left every class with my mind racing and with more questions and thoughts about what the real purpose of our work with young people is.

Luke Carty, MA, Class of 2017
The program taught me about the versatility of advocating for the young people we work alongside. It allowed me to develop myself as an academic and as a researcher, while demonstrating innovative ways we can include young people within the process. The program ultimately showed me how research can be used as a powerful tool to empower and emancipate young people.

Travonne Edwards, MA, BA, Advanced Diploma, Class of 2017

The program continuously challenged my thinking, my language use and my actions. It has better equipped me to be critical of the systems, policies and practices that seemingly serve young people who face considerable adversity. I learned what it truly means to exude relational practice as a way of being, doing and thinking. This program has taught me that although needed change occurs incrementally for child and youth care, for practitioners, and perhaps most importantly — for young people — it is the only inevitable occurrence in life. The program will open your mind, challenge your assumptions, and has the ability to change your life, if you let it.

Hailey Kavanagh MA, BA, Class of 2017
The program encouraged me to reflect on our field and examine my practice through a more academic lens. This allowed me to take a step back and critically analyze the intentionality and purposefulness of my daily work with not only children and youth, but other professionals.

Peter Lebuis MA candidate, BA

The program helped me to develop a greater appreciation of the role of child and youth care in prevention and in dismantling systems of oppression, institutional changes and cultural re-significations. Through the various research, teaching and learning opportunities within the program, I was able to understand Self and the relationships around me better.

Annu Gaidhu, MA, BA, ERYT, Class of 2017  

The master's program impacted me in two ways: Through inspiration and critical thought. Although I am already a critical theorist, the program has honed my ability to question the things we take for granted as knowledge, especially in regard to theories, and the barriers and controversies to their application. Because of the way this program was conducted by the faculty, I have the new aspiration of becoming a professor in the field. Mental challenge made me think and grow and I'd like to have a similar impact.
Don’t walk in expecting to be taught and put in line; walk in expecting to teach and go against the grain.

Matthew London MA, BA, CYW Advanced Diploma, Class of 2017

The program has impacted the way I perceive different young people and the social contexts in which they are present in significant ways. It has altered not only the way that I think about young people and families, but also the way that I understand the various social structures and societal expectations that continue to disadvantage them. I have gained insight that will be forthright in academic, professional and personal settings, as it has reworked my blueprint of how to engage with children, youth and families.

Jaclyn Ng Man Chuen, MA candidate, BA, Class of 2017
The program expanded my critical lens of child and youth care practice, including the systemic barriers that exist for young people in our society and even in our practice. The program enhanced my ability to be vulnerable and self-reflective so that I can continue to keep learning, without fear of admitting to mistakes I made in the past. The professors and learning materials enlightened me so much that it would be impossible to write it all in two to three sentences. All I have learned will begin to show through in publications and conference presentations, thanks to the opportunities provided to me through the program. I will leave it at that and look forward to engaging with colleagues, both former and new, equipped with my new knowledge.

Nancy Marshall, MA, BA, CYW, Class of 2017

The program impacted me by allowing me to fall in love with child and youth care research, encouraging me to constantly wonder about the endless possibilities that practitioners and young people are capable of, allowing me to get lost in the Cyber-space and, most importantly, shifting my thinking to become more critical and theoretical. The knowledge that was born from this program is absolutely invaluable and the individuals that were a part of the first cohort will forever be in my memories. I will take what I have learned and continue to question 'relationship’ and be present when working with young people and future practitioners.

Saira Batasar-Johnie MA, BA, CYW (Honours), Class of 2017