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Olawale Olubowale

Olawale Olubowale

Assistant Professor (Limited Term Faculty)
EducationPhD (c)
OfficeSHE-622, Sally Horsfall Eaton Centre for Studies in Community Health
Phone416-979-5000 ext.554218
Areas of ExpertiseTrauma-informed care; Early childhood education; Advocacy for young children; Culturally responsive practices for effective and inclusive learning experiences

Olawale Olubowale is a dedicated educator and researcher with a focus on early childhood education. He is currently a PhD candidate in Early Childhood Education at East Tennessee State University. Olubowale also holds a master of public administration from East Tennessee State University and a bachelor of arts in English from Lagos State University, Nigeria.

His research centers around the perceptive realm of school administrators concerning childhood trauma within early care and education. 

Olubowale currently serves as social media co-chair for the NAECTE (National Association of Early Childhood Teacher Educators) Board. His philosophy revolves around fostering a strong sense of cultural awareness and sensitivity, ensuring that every student’s background is acknowledged and respected. Olubowale’s method emphasizes experiential learning and enabling students to connect theory with real-world applications, which is a cornerstone of his approach. He integrates technology, research and contemporary insights into his teaching to provide students with a holistic educational experience.

    Research interests

  • Collective healing and community-based approaches to childhood trauma
  • Cultural influences on trauma coping mechanisms
  • Cultural adaptation of trauma-informed interventions
  • Cross-cultural perspectives on childhood trauma resilience

Journal articles

  • Facun-Granadozo, R., Olubowale, O. & Ejiogu, C. (2022) Using text to represent Africa’s cultures and promote healthy personal and social identities among children. Dimensions of Early Childhood, 50(2), 12-18.