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Carol Stuart

Adjunct Faculty

I began my career in residential care in Ontario and have worked within residential and community-based child and youth care organizations. I have been a faculty member at Grant MacEwan Community College (now a university), University of Victoria and Ryerson University. After 10 wonderful years at Ryerson, I was appointed as dean of Health and Human Services at Vancouver Island University in spring 2011. I am also an adjunct professor at the School of Child and Youth Care at University of Victoria.

My research interests include professional practice standards, integrated service delivery, the relationship between practitioner competencies and outcomes for children and youth, and participatory and qualitative approaches to research. Recent research projects include: CYC Contributions to Evidence-Based Practiceand Personalized Services for the Mental Health of Children and Youth.  I have supported over 25 graduate students, including Aboriginal students, at the University of Victoria and Ryerson University. I have authored two editions of Foundations of Child and Youth Care and am the co-author of Right Here, Right Now: Life-space Intervention for Children and Youth.

I live in Nanaimo with my husband and an assorted menagerie. I regularly appreciate the beautiful west coast from the edge of the island, the middle of a dragon boat or the cockpit of a kayak.

Research interests:

  • Professional standards for CYC practice
  • Integrated service delivery
  • Participatory research/qualitative methods
  • Indigenous methods
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  • Child and Youth Care Certification Board. (2011). The National Child and Youth Care Practitioner Certification Exam. Training and Development in Human Services: The Journal of the National Staff Development and Training Association, 6(1), 119-128. I was a member of this Board from 2005 to 2011.
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  • Academy of Child and Youth Care Professionals, 2001
  • McConnell Award for Innovative Teaching, 2005

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