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CDH Mission Statement

Toronto Metropolitan University's Centre for Digital Humanities (CDH) engages in collaborative transdisciplinary scholarship, research, and creativity (SRC) at the critical intersection of the material and the digital, contributing to scholarly and societal knowledge about cultural objects, makers, and communities. CDH projects and activities investigate the ways in which digital mediation fosters new ways of critical thinking through making. Our applied, experimental research and critical creativity focus on the following key areas-

  1. Digital Editing and the Design of Enhanced Online Editions.
  2. Digital Preservation and Critical Curation of Media and Artifacts.
  3. Deploying Digital Technologies for Community-Inclusive Knowledge Production.
  4. Intersectional Approaches to Digital Life Writing, Histories, and Stories.
  5. Digital Humanities Pedagogy.
  6. Experimenting with Digital Technologies for Creative Praxis.

Committed to diversity and inclusion, the CDH sustains a dynamic synergy between research and teaching by involving students in digital projects in the classroom and by training future researchers in digital humanities theory and practice. We are committed to social engagement through open public scholarship rooted in innovative knowledge mobilization in a global community.

The CDH welcomes new members and provides training, mentorship, and resources for faculty and student projects and grant applications.

Read our Charter and Bylaws.