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About us

We believe that unlocking the entrepreneurial mindset is the answer to building a better future. It’s the catalyst for strong thinkers, innovators, and creatives to make an impact in the spaces they hold. This impact comes in many shapes and sizes - whether that be starting a company or applying their entrepreneurial mindset in the workplace or everyday life.

At the Centre for Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CEIE), we understand the need for entrepreneurial education. With this in mind, we’ve curated a place where people can explore entrepreneurial practices.

We work at the unique intersection of academia and entrepreneurship. We are housed under Toronto Metropolitan University's Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science (FEAS), where we run the Master of Engineering Innovation and  Entrepreneurship (MEIE) program, and work closely with our startup incubator, the Innovation Boost Zone (IBZ).

At CEIE, we are dedicated to provide the necessary entrepreneurial education to those who want to make an impact. Interested in how you can get involved? Check out our programs page.

Centre for Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship Team

Tarek Sadek

Executive Director, CEIE

Tabitha Grant

Manager, CEIE
416-979-5000 ext. 553848

Anushri Mahadeo

Program Assistant, CEIE

Ashu Syal

Director, IBZ

Wesley Kosiba

Deeptech Startup Manager, IBZ

Torrey Sirdevan

Learning and Recruitment Specialist, IBZ

Grace Lee

Communications Coordinator, IBZ

Harry Gandhi

Deeptech Consultant, IBZ