Carrot City Designing for Urban Agriculture
Building Community & Knowledge Click titles or orange button below to view Carrot City case studies.
"50 Cent" Jackson Community Garden New York, NY, USA        
56 Rue-St-Blaise Paris, France        
AccessPoint on Danforth Toronto, ON, Canada        
L'Arche en Pays Toulousain Toulouse - Blagnac, France        
Artscape Wychwood Barns Toronto, ON, Canada  
Black Creek Community Farm, Toronto, ON, Canada        
Campus de la Doua, 2030 Lyon, France        
City of Food Bologna, Italy        
Cotteridge Community Orchard Birmingham, UK        
CRAPAUD - UQÁM Montréal, QC, Canada        
Ecobox Paris, France      
Edible Campus, McGill University Montréal, QC, Canada    
Edible Schoolyard New York, NY, USA    
Evergreen Brick Works Toronto, ON, Canada      
FoodShare's School Grown Toronto, ON, Canada        
Frau Gerolds Garten Zurich, Switzerland        
Fresh City Farms Toronto, ON, Canada        
Get Growing Black Country and Birmingham Smethwick, UK    
Groundswell Community Greenhouse and Permaculture Garden Invermere, BC, Canada        
Growing Home - Wood Street Urban Farm Chicago, IL, USA    
Growing Power Milwaukee, WI, USA        
Hellmann's Urban Gardens Program Multiple Cities, Canada        
Huertos Urbanos Sucre, Bolivia        
Hydroponics & Aquaponics in the Gaza Strip Gaza, Palestine      
Îlot d'Amaranthes Lyon, France      
Inuvik Community Greenhouse Inuvik, NWT, Canada    
Jardins d'Artistes Lyon & Strasbourg, France        
Jardins du Museum Toulouse, France        
LARC 501 Introductory Studio - UBC Vancouver, BC, Canada        
Leadenhall Street City Farm London, UK        
Little Donkey Farm Xijiao, Beijing, China      
The Living City Greater Toronto Area, ON, Canada        
Lukhanyo Hub Cape Town, South Africa      
Native Child and Family Services Toronto, ON, Canada        
Niagara Community Food Centre Toronto, ON, Canada    
Nutri-Centre Montréal, QC, Canada      
Potagers Urbains & Pimp Your Balcony Canton of Geneva, Switzerland        
Prinzessinnengarten Berlin, Germany    
Public Farm 1 (PF1) New York, NY, USA        
Regent Park Toronto, ON, Canada        
Ryerson Theses: Teaching about Growing Toronto, ON, Canada        
Ryerson Urban Farm Toronto, ON, Canada        
Salsas Farm Toulouse, France        
Santropol Roulant Montréal, QC, Canada        
The Science Barge Yonkers & New York, NY, USA    
Siam Green Sky Bangkok, Thailand      
Sole Food Street Farms Vancouver, BC, Canada        
South End Lower Roxbury Community Gardens Boston, MA, USA    
Troy Gardens Madison, WI, USA        
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