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Rye's Home Grown

Exhibit Category / Catégorie de l'expo: Community & Knowledge

Location/Emplacement: Ryerson University, Toronto, ON, Canada
Dates: 2010 - present
Designers/Concepteurs: Sogol Ayazy, Maya Janikowski, Sam Luong, Jonathan Pascaris, Nicholas Potovszky, Alex Wrigglesworth — Catherine Lung, Stephanie Nishi (concept)
Clients: n/a

More Information/Plus d'informations: Ryerson Urban Farm
Image Credits/Crédits d'images: Drawings: Maya Janikowski, Jonathan Pascaris, Nicholas Potovszky — Photos: Nicholas Potovszky

Project Description: (version française ci-dessous)

Students from Ryerson University’s Department of Architectural Science (DAS) were approached in the winter of 2011 to help plan a series of experimental gardens to raise awareness about food security issues. The Rye’s HomeGrown project was initiated by research assistants from Ryerson’s Centre for Studies in Food Security and now has faculty and student volunteers from a number of programs in the university.

The initial concept was to place moveable planters in the middle of Gould Street, a newly pedestrianized section of street running through the heart of the Ryerson campus. Consultations with the campus planning officials came to the conclusion that this would not be possible, due to construction that was scheduled to continue throughout the summer. Instead, a patch of south-facing garden beside the street was offered to the team as a site for the garden. 3 additional, underused sites around campus were also eventually agreed upon.

A small team of architecture students surveyed and planned the site with the aid of local gardening experts and other student volunteers. They were charged with the task of creating attractive garden furniture in order to brand the site and make it highly attractive to passers-by while supporting its growing functions. A number of schemes to this end were drawn up but they were altered when materials from the building of the DAS were offered to the project.

The campus’ central location has made the Rye’s HomeGrown gardens places to stop and reflect for thousands of pedestrians who admire their abundant produce and attractive design. The implementation of the gardens and their related programs has led to a number of multi-disciplinary collaborations, including partnerships with Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, Ryerson’s Community Food Room and Early Learning Centre and many others. Overall, it has raised awareness about the issues that it set out to address and contributed to the timely debate around urban agriculture in Toronto.

In its second year of operation Rye’s HomeGrown added two further sites on Gerrard and Victoria Streets, continuing its mission of growing food in underused and neglected spaces. Discussions are underway about the possibility of using one of the university’s green roofs for food production.

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