Carrot City Designing for Urban Agriculture
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2nd Street Residence Brooklyn, NY, USA  
Bronxscape, Louis Nine House New York, NY, USA      
Cairo Rooftop Hydroponics Cairo, Egypt      
Carrot Green Roof and Garden Toronto, ON, Canada
Chicago Productive Rooftops Chicago, IL, USA
Fairmont Hotels' Rooftop Gardens Toronto, Montréal & Vancouver, Canada  
Fermes Lufa / Lufa Farms Montréal, QC, Canada    
GreenHousing Bologna, Italy      
Gymnase et Jardin Vignoles Paris, France      
Jardin de la Duche Nyon, Switzerland      
KU Urban Agriculture Bangkok, Thailand      
NYC Rooftop Farms New York, NY, USA  
NYC Rooftop Greenhouses New York, NY, USA  
NYC Rooftop School Gardens New York, NY, USA    
RISC's Rooftop Forest Reading, UK
Santropol Roulant Montréal, QC, Canada    
Shopping Eldorado São Paulo, Brasil      
Trent University Rooftop and Vegetable Garden Peterborough, ON, Canada  
Urban Farmers Basel, Switzerland    
Via Verde New York, NY, USA      
V-Roof Shanghai Shanghai, China      
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