Carrot City Designing for Urban Agriculture
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Carrot City Intro Board (in English, French and Arabic)

Carrot City exhibits feature large posters (boards) displaying colourful images of and information about a wide variety of projects that explore the intersection of design, cities and agriculture. You can explore the text and images from these boards or see the entire boards as they appear at Carrot City exhibits. Designs profiled by Carrot City are colour coded and divided into 5 distinct categories: City, Community & Knowledge, Housing, Rooftops and Components for growing. The exhibit also regularly showcases remarkable designed objects that facilitate the practice of agriculture in the city. Carrot City's collection of exhibit boards is constantly growing and is now available in its entirety for you to explore. Click on an exhibit category above to begin viewing or search for projects in the Index. For images of boards and objects on display in past exhibits, please visit the Archive.