Carrot City Designing for Urban Agriculture

Growing Power

Exhibit Category / Catégorie de l'expo: Community & Knowledge

Location/Emplacement: Milwaukee, WI, USA
Dates: 1993 - present
Designers/Concepteurs: n/a
Clients: Growing Power, Inc.

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Image Credits/Crédits d'images: Joe Nasr

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This historic two-acre farm is the last remaining farm and greenhouse operation in the City of Milwaukee. Since 1999, the Community Food Center has provided a space for hands-on-activities, large-scale demonstration projects, and for growing a myriad of plants, vegetables, and herbs.


In 1993, a farmer by the name of Will Allen agreed to take on a youth group and educate them about gardening and farming at his downtown Milwaukee greenhouse and store. Since then, Growing Power has evolved into a leading example of an urban agriculture center focused on growing sustainable local food for the community as well as educate people how to achieve that.


Growing Power is a non-profit organization that offers its community equal access to healthy, high quality, safe and affordable foods. It provides education to the general public through hands-on-training, on site demonstrations, outreach and technical assistance. It offers jobs that encourage the community to grow, process, market and distribute food in a sustainable manner.


Acid-digestion, anaerobic digestion for food waste, bio-phyto remediation and soil health, aquaculture closed-loop systems, vermiculture, small and large scale composting, urban agriculture, perma-culture, food distribution, marketing, value-added product development, youth development, community engagement, participatory leadership development, and project planning.

  • Houses over 20,000 pots of herbs, salad mix & sprouts
  • Houses 5,000 tilapia and perch
  • 50 bins of red wriggler worms
  • Produces approximately 16 dozen eggs per day
  • Produces about 150 pounds of honey each year
  • Produces beauty products from bees-wax
  • Produces meat from fish, chickens, ducks, turkeys, goats and rabbits
  • Goat milk is used to create artisan cheeses.

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