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Previous Calendars Addenda and Errata

This page is a record of critical corrections and revisions made to calendars after they have been archived. 

Date Addenda/Errata Item Previous Calendar
April 19, 2023 The Minor in History in the 2021–2022 Undergraduate Calendar was revised in August 2022, but the revision was not documented at the time. Previously, HIS 475 had been listed in both Group 2 and Group 3 in error. HIS 475 is part of Group 2 only.
2021–2022 Undergraduate Calendar
June 09, 2023 Academic standing variation information pertaining to the failure of specified courses in Performance Acting, Performance Dance, and Performance Production was omitted. Students who fail any of the courses listed in the variation will receive a STANDING VARIATION WITHDRAWAL Standing regardless of their overall GPA.
This text has been replaced in the 2020–2021, 2021–2022, and 2022–2023 Undergraduate Calendars.

2020-2021 Undergraduate Calendar

2021-2022 Undergraduate Calendar

2022-2023 Undergraduate Calendar

May 12, 2023

The Sociology Core Elective Table II (a/k/a Sociology Professional Table II) in the Undergraduate Calendars for 2020–2021, 2021–2022, and 2022–2023 contained an error. The table erroneously stated that a total of seven (7) Table II courses had been required to graduate.

In fact, a total of six (6) Table II courses is required to graduate.

The table has been corrected in the 2022–2023 Undergraduate Calendar.


2020–2021 Undergraduate Calendar

2021–2022 Undergraduate Calendar

2022–2023 Undergraduate Calendar

September 07, 2023 As of the 2021–2022 academic year, ASC 804 was no longer offered. However, the course was erroneously included as part of the Architectural Science Core Elective Table III in the 2021–2022, 2022–2023, and 2023–2024 Undergraduate Calendars. The table has been corrected in all affected calendars.

2021–2022 Undergraduate Calendar

2022–2023 Undergraduate Calendar

2023–2024 Undergraduate Calendar