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Brampton Venture Zone

The Brampton Venture Zone by TMU (BVZ) officially launched in fall 2020, as part of the university’s acclaimed Zone Learning Network. 

The BVZ is an incubator dedicated to attracting, building and growing early stage, high potential technology startups in Brampton. Together with industry partners, and backed by research and expertise from the university, the BVZ enables connections between entrepreneurs, peers, experts, funders, and customers within a culture that fosters a mindset of growth.

The goal of the BVZ is to be a home of innovation that cultivates local talent. It brings together aspiring entrepreneurs and provides them with deeper industry knowledge and upskilling opportunities through programming, coaching, and access to the resources they need to create new ventures. Recently, the BVZ  launched an Industry challenge to prototype ideas, products, and services that solve issues related to  “Community Health & Wellness,” which could be further developed into real businesses.