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Black Studies Courses

Images from left to right: Ossie Carnegie, Herb Carnegie and Manny McIntrye, the first recorded all black line in hockey history, 1947 | African United Baptist Association of Nova Scotia, Women’s Executive, 1919-1920 | Cover of Spear: Canada’s Truth and Soul Magazine, June 1973 | Angela Davis & Rosie Douglas speaking at Africa Liberation Day, Toronto ON, 1972 | Cover of Spear: Canada’s Truth and Soul Magazine, July 1972


To complete the Black Studies Minor, students must take a total of six (6) courses from the following:


required course: ENG 142


courses from Group 1


courses from Group 2

Required Course

Course Term Instructor
ENG 142  Black Arts, Black Power Fall Ballantyne (opens in new window) 

Group 1

A minimum of three (3), maximum of five (5) of the following courses:

Course Term Instructor Additional Information
CLD 540 Black Childhoods in Canada   Brady (opens in new window)   
CRM 250 Criminalizing Blackness  Winter Thomas (opens in new window)   
CYC 650 Roots and Resistance to Anti-Black Racism   Daniel (opens in new window)   
ENG 647 Afrofuturism: Black 2 the Future Fall Lee-Loy (opens in new window)   
ENG 653 Black Literatures and Cultures      
FRE 605 Francophone Language and Culture Winter Ba (opens in new window)   
FFS 120 Fashion and Race Fall    
FSN 610 Carnival Arts Winter Dixon (external link, opens in new window)   
FSN 620 Black Fashion  Winter Phinney (opens in new window)   
GMS 694 The African Business Environment Fall Kalu (opens in new window)   
HIS 107 Colonization, Colonialism and Independence Fall Mukherjee (opens in new window)   
HIS 854 African-American History Winter Allen (opens in new window)   
HST 633 Modern Africa Winter    
HIS 760 African Diaspora Fall Allen (opens in new window)   
HIS 350 African-Canadian History Fall Allen (opens in new window)   
IDE 501 Africa and Beyond: The Decolonization of Design Culture Winter Balbaa (opens in new window)   
JRN 333 Reporting on Race Fall Martis (opens in new window)  JRN333 Course Outline (opens in new window) 
MWF 508 Black Birthing and Health Equity   Wilson-Mitchell (opens in new window)   
PHL 570 Black Political Thought      
POL 688 Colonialism and Imperialism      
RTA 484 Music of the African Diaspora      
RTA 183 Rhythm, Beat and Groove Fall/Winter    
SOC 221 The Hip Hop Lens on Society Fall Tecle (opens in new window)   
SOC 320 Black Popular Culture   Tecle (opens in new window)   
SOC 530 Blackness and Freedom Fall Knight (opens in new window)   
SOC 576 Colonialism and Anti-Blackness Fall Reece (opens in new window)  & Scribe (opens in new window)   
SOC 705 Law, Justice and Abolition   Reece (opens in new window)   
THF 470 Black Creative Practices Winter Thompson (opens in new window)   

Group 2

Minimum of zero (0) to a maximum of two (2) of the following courses:

Course Term Instructor Additional Information
CRB 501   Racism & Caribbean Peoples in Canada Fall (Chang School — online) Nadoo CRB501 Course Outline (opens in new window) 
ENG 620  Literatures of the Caribbean Winter Simpson (opens in new window) 
FRS 602   French Caribbean Literature and Culture Winter (Chang School — online)
Ba (opens in new window)  FRS602 Course Outline (opens in new window) 
GEO 705  Environment and Society of the Caribbean      
GMS 693  The Latin American and Caribbean Business Environment Winter Correa da Cuhna or Farrell (opens in new window)   
HST 222   The History of the Caribbean Winter Allen  
SPS 502  Spanish Caribbean Literature and Culture   Martel (opens in new window)  SPS502 Course Outline (opens in new window) 

Exclusions: Students may use a maximum of two (2) courses in any given discipline (indicated by the subject prefix of the course code) toward completion of the minor in Black Studies.

Featured Courses

SOC 530 | Blackness & Freedom

Black Studies & Globality

Image: The Empire Windrush docks at Tilbury, England in 1948 with West Indian migrants on board

The Black diasporic experience is one of inter and intra migration, connections to, and entanglements within the Caribbean, Latin America, and Africa. Featured here are global partnerships and courses connected to the Black experience.

Exchange at the University of West Indies at Mona, Jamaica

Students on exchange at the University of West Indies Mona can possibly substitute courses studied at UWI Mona toward the Black Studies Minor. The courses must be pre-approved to count toward the Minor by the students' home department.

Contact the Faculty of Arts Experiential Learning Coordinator for more information about this opportunity.

Global Justice and Change  (opens in new window) 

Learn beyond the classroom with the Global Justice and Change (GJC) Program. Explore the world outside the campus while completing your degree. You have the opportunity to bring your education to life with a fully funded global learning experience.