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Course Description & Schedule

Thank you to everyone who attended the Fall 2022 session! Please stay tuned for future offerings of the mini-course.


This three-session mini-course provides an introduction to artificial intelligence and its application in research. The course is designed for those without technological backgrounds and open to TMU employees, researchers and students. Through demonstrations and hands-on activities, we’ll explore a variety of topics including programming, machine learning, natural language processing and network visualization.

The course is affiliated with the NSERC CREATE program on the Responsible Development of AI and TMU's Center for Communicating Knowledge. The mini-course has been initiated by AIDA, a grassroots initiative led by Drs Frauke Zeller and Ebrahim Bagheri.


Course Description & Schedule

Class 1 — An Introduction to AI and Natural Language Processing

  • What is AI and machine learning?
  • How can we use AI in our work?
  • An introduction to natural language processing : sentiment analysis, topic modelling, and linguistic analysis

Class 2 — Supervised vs. Unsupervised Learning and working with large datasets

  • What are the differences between supervised and unsupervised learning?
  • The dangers of data bias
  • A demonstration of supervised learning-based language detection
  • Network Visualization using Gephi

Class 3 — Working with Python

  • The Basics of Python
  • How to use Google Colab
  • Doing AI-based tasks with the Hugging Face Transformers library


Course Description & Schedule

Dr. Ebrahim Bagheri

Professor, Department of Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering; Canada Research Chair, Social Information Retrieval; NSERC Industrial Research Chair, Social Media Analytics; Director of the NSERC CREATE program on the Responsible Development of AI (RAI)

Dr. Frauke Zeller

Associate Professor, School of Professional Communication; Director, Centre for Communicating Knowledge

Stuart Duncan

Lecturer, RTA School of Media; PhD student, Media and Design Innovation; Research Assistant, Explanatory Journalism Project

Taylor MacLean

Creative Lead, Centre for Communicating Knowledge

Tharujan Ravitharan

Departmental Assistant, Electrical, Computer, & Biomedical Engineering