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Pay for Products & Services

OneCards use declining balance technology similar to a debit card, but without the fees. You can load funds directly onto your card, and when you use it for paid services, the charges are deducted from your balance.

Printing / Photocopying

Students can pay for photocopying and printing services.

Review a  (PDF file) Map of Campus Printers.

Course Materials/Supplies

You can purchase course specific material from department workshops. 


TMU Eats campus eateries and coffee kiosks, including drop-in fees for all you care to eat at Pitman and ILC Dining Halls.

Other participating retailers include:  

  • Balzac's
  • Basil Box
  • Oakham CafĂ©
  • Met Campus Pub
  • Ted's Kitchen


Once residence students use the  initial $50 laundry fee, you can deposit more funds into your laundry account for future use through the eAccounts portal (external link) 

Learn more about laundry locations and costs.

Library Fines

Use your Campus Fund to pay library fines for overdue or lost materials.

Learn more about TMU Library Fines and Penalties.


Purchase textbooks, clothes, gifts and much more at the campus store.

OneCard only accepted for in-store shopping.