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Managing Your Funds - Faculty / Staff

2 ways to deposit funds to your OneCard

Besides being your official identification and access card on campus, your OneCard can serve as a convenient tool to allow you to access many paid services on campus.

To deposit funds onto your OneCard, you can visit the OneCard Office during regular business hours.

You can deposit money to your OneCard, check your balance or buy a cash card at PHIL machines located across the campus. Follow the screen prompts on the display.

Accepted payment method 

PHIL machines accept $5, $10 or $20 Canadian bills and do not provide change. 

PHIL machine locations

To locate a PHIL machine, please visit the TMU campus map.

OneCard account types and refund guidelines

Name of account

About this Account

Refund guidelines

Campus Fund 

This is your primary account that works anywhere OneCard is accepted.

Funds can be refunded. An administrative fee will be applied to process the refund: with an Administrative fee app 

  • 5% if the refund amount is over $50 
  • $2.50 if the amount is under $50 

TMU Eats

This food only accounts that can be used at all locations operated by TMU Eats.

Visit the Meal Packs and Dining Dollars

page to find out how can get a 10% bonus when adding to this account.

Funds are non-refundable

Please note: This account is deactivated if an employee has left the university and there is no financial activity on the OneCard for two consecutive years. If there is no financial activity after two years the account becomes dormant.

How to request a refund 

To request a refund please contact the OneCard office.