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Dormant Accounts

OneCards with funds on them are considered dormant if there has been no financial activity for a period of two years (24 consecutive months) upon leaving Toronto Metropolitan University. 

  • Students who are no longer registered at the university have two years from their graduation date or withdrawal date to request a refund for the remaining balance on theirOneCard. 
  • Staff and faculty who are no longer employed by Toronto Metropolitan University have two years from the date they leave the university to request a refund for the remaining balance on their OneCard.
  • Community Cards are purchased and managed by individual departments. Departments have two years from the OneCard’s last use to request a refund. 
  • Cash Cards that have been inactive for two years are considered dormant.

Please note that once a OneCard is considered dormant, any remaining funds are removed from the card and cannot be reinstated or refunded.

For refund requests please contact the OneCard office.