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Accessibility & Accommodation

Accommodations for transgender students and employees

If you are a student who is transitioning and would like to know more about this process, please visit the Transitioning at TMU website.

Because OneCard records are fed directly from the university's student records, we are only able to issue OneCards that match these records. Once your name change has been completed by Student Records staff, you can request a replacement OneCard at a cost of $12.50. Please visit Replace Your Card for more information. 


If you are an employee who is transitioning and would like to know more about this process, please visit AskHR. Contact your HR consultant who can help you through every step of the process, including getting a new OneCard.

Chosen/Preferred names

Your chosen/preferred first name is the name you would like to be referred to in the university community. If you applied to TMU through OUAC (the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre), you were given the option to enter your preferred/chosen name. Effective fall 2022, if you have provided a chosen/preferred first name, it will appear on your OneCard.

If you are an employee, please contact please submit a request to HR. Human Resources will work with you to update your legal name and personal information. If you are an instructor and updating your name with HR, it is recommended you do so with the Office of the Registrar as well, through the  (google form) Instructor/Lecturer Personal Data Change Form (external link) .

Accommodations for students and employees wearing face coverings

OneCard photos require your full face to be clearly visible in your photo as this is the university's official method of identification. However, in line with our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, we are happy to accommodate community members who wear face coverings (e.g., a veil, niqab or burqa). A photo of you wearing your face covering can be used for your OneCard.

If you wear a face covering, you will be asked to provide the OneCard Office with a photo of you taken without your face covering for our secure, internal database. This database is password protected and can only be accessed by female-identified OneCard and Community Safety and Security staff members and only used if they are required to confirm your identity. 

Please note: The email account is accessible to male-identified OneCard staff members. If you are concerned about who will have access to your unveiled photo, please email and we will arrange for you to submit a photo of yourself without your face covering directly to a female-identified staff member.

Accommodations for students and employees with accessibility concerns

Accessible Route: 350 Victoria St. Entrance

The 350 Victoria St. entrance is located just north of Gould St. and the entrance to the accessible ramp is at the northwest corner of Gould St. and Victoria St. 

Either tap your OneCard to gain access to the building or contact TMU Security via the buzzer next to the door to request entry. Once inside, follow the hallway down to the OneCard Office, located in POD-48. There is signage overhead along the way to help guide you.

For alternative routes, please use the campus map which shows all accessible ramps and elevators.

For other accessibility resources, please visit TMU's Accessibility on Campus page.

For any questions, please contact the OneCard Office at