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FAQ for Future Students

Undeclared Arts is a first-year studies option that allows you time to explore undergraduate program areas in the social sciences and humanities before choosing in second semester the program that best matches your career interests and goals. In February of your second semester of study, you will apply to transfer to a specific program of study for second year.

As an Undeclared Arts student, you may apply to transfer to any.of the programs listed under the Program Transfer Options link.

Are you undecided as to which one of the humanities or social science programs  interests you the most?  If so, Undeclared Arts gives you time to explore these program areas before deciding which one to pursue as a major or as a double major. Because the programs share a common one-year foundation, all the courses you successfully complete in first year in Undeclared Arts will be credited towards your selected program of study.  If, for example, you choose to transfer to Sociology, you will have completed all of the first-year course requirements for that program as would a student who applied directly to Sociology.

The admission requirements for Undeclared Arts are as follows.

O.S.S.D. with six Grade 12 U/M courses, including Grade 12 U English.

  1. ENG4U/EAE4U is the preferred English.
  2. A grade of 70 percent or higher will be required in Grade 12 U English.
  3. Subject to competition, candidates may be required to present averages/grades above the minimum.  

Am I Eligible for an Entrance Scholarship if I am Admitted to Undeclared Arts?

If you are admitted to Undeclared Arts, you are guaranteed a renewable entrance scholarship if you are attending a Canadian secondary school, have a final average of 80% or higher, and meet the terms and conditions for the scholarship. No application is necessary. For more information, see Toronto Metropolitan University's Entrance Scholarships.

In first year, you will learn more about the program areas by selecting introductory courses in Criminology, English, Environment and Urban Sustainability, Geographic Analysis, History, Language and Intercultural Relations, Philosophy, Politics and Governance, Psychology, and Sociology. Two required first-year courses - Academic Writing and Research, and Critical Thinking - develop essential skills and competencies that will enhance your success in university and career preparation. You also have the opportunity to explore other social science and humanities areas, and choose electives from more than a wide range of subject areas, including business, the natural sciences, law, media, and fine arts and any one of these can lead to a Minor.

Yes.  Toronto Metropolitan University offers more than 30 Minors, so you can work towards a Minor in many different subject areas. You may decide, for example, to declare to the Sociology program and Minor in English.

As an Undeclared Arts student, you must apply to one of the programs of study by February 2nd of second semester in order to transfer into that program for second year.  No student can remain in Undeclared Arts beyond second semester. All courses that are successfully completed in the Undeclared Arts option will be credited to the selected program of study.

No. All program transfers are considered on a competitive basis and are subject to program capacity.

Yes, you can apply to Undeclared Arts as well as to any one of the ten single major programs. If you are interested in one of the above double major programs, you should apply to one of the major programs or to Undeclared Arts, from which you can then apply to transfer to the approved double major program for your second year of studies. Students are not admitted into a double major in first year. 

Students who are completing, or have already completed post-secondary studies, must apply to one of the ten programs - Criminology, English, Environment and Urban Sustainability, Geographic Analysis, History, Language and Intercultural Relations, Philosophy, Politics and Governance, Psychology, or Sociology. Transfer credit/Advanced Standing cannot be granted for the Undeclared Arts option.

As an Undeclared Arts student, you may only declare to one of the programs of study listed above.

If you are interested in any other program of study at Toronto Metropolitan University (including Arts and Contemporary Studies and International Economics and Finance), you must apply directly for admission through Undergraduate Admissions and pay the application fee. Your application will be considered only if you fulfill the admission requirements for the program of choice and only if openings exist in that program.  There is no guarantee that you will be able to transfer to another program. Students requesting a transfer will compete with all other candidates for admission and consideration is subject to space.