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Understanding outcomes and appeals

Understanding outcomes and appeals

Penalties that are imposed in cases of non-academic misconduct have to be reasonable given the nature of the offence.

The following are possible penalties if it is determined that the Code was breached. Multiple penalties may be imposed at the same time:

  • An apology written by the respondent to the complainant

  • A letter of behavioural expectations that outlines that a certain behaviour cannot be engaged in, the consequences if done again, and in some cases a range of actions to be taken (i.e. counselling, registering with Academic Accommodation Support, etc.)

  • Community service

  • Compensation for loss, damage or injury

  • Restrictions on communications, accessing premises and/or services

  • Suspension or expulsion which includes a notation on the student’s academic record and official transcript


You can appeal an outcome by providing a written submission within 10 days of when the original decision was received by email.

If the decision in your case was made by the Student Conduct Officer, appeals are heard by the Vice-Provost Students. If the Vice-Provost Students made the decision in your case, the appeal is heard by the Senate Appeals Committee. Decisions made by the Senate Appeals Committee are final.