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Who we are

Danielle Kandel-Lieberman

Coordinator, Student Case Management

Ken Williams

Coordinator, Student Case Management

Contact Student Care if:

  1. You want to share a concern about a student who is in distress due to complex academic, personal and/or financial factors
  2. You want to pursue early intervention and/or crisis prevention measures for a student in distress
  3. You want to assist a student who needs advocacy and/or support to navigate Toronto Met’s internal administrative systems
  4. You believe referrals are needed for on campus and/or community-based resources for a student
  5. You learn a student is leaving/returning to studies due to a medical leave or hospitalization
  6. You need advice on a complex student matter.

Scott Buttenham

Student Conduct Officer

Contact Scott if:

  1. You want advice on how to respond to disruptive student behaviour
  2. You feel a student would benefit from coaching on how to better navigate behavioural struggles and identify appropriate resources
  3. You want to resolve Complaints about student behaviour under the Student Code of Non-Academic Conduct.

Marcia Boniferro

Manager, Office of Student Care

Contact Marcia if:

  1. You need to consult about a complex student situation.
  2. You learn a student has died.
  3. You learn a student has been arrested.
  4. You desire information on the mandate and operations of the Office of Student Care.

Contact us today

Students, faculty and staff can contact our office at any point to discuss a student they are concerned about to determine appropriate next steps or to make a referral.

Student Care


Student Conduct