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How we help

How we help

By upholding and promoting community standards of respect, civility and safety, we support students who are in distress or who demonstrate disruptive behaviour. We believe that students can grow from difficult or negative experiences so they remain successful in their academic and personal lives while at Toronto Met.

Contact us today

Students, faculty and staff can contact our office at any point to discuss a student they are concerned about to determine appropriate next steps or to make a referral.

Student Care

Student Conduct

Outreach and consultation

Work with the Toronto Met community to proactively identify students in distress or address disruptive student behaviour.

Early intervention and crisis prevention

Work directly with students in distress to prevent a situation from escalating. We do not provide counselling or therapy but make quick referrals to campus and community resources.

Complex student case management

Manage student cases that often involve an intersection of personal, academic, medical and/or financial issues.


Complaint resolution

Administer complaint resolution processes related to non-academic student misconduct. Complaints are filed under Toronto Met’s Student Code of Non-Academic Conduct.


Help students develop self-advocacy skills. We coach them to communicate more effectively, identify issues and direct them to appropriate resources.

Navigating the system

Provide one-stop support to help students resolve complex problems with multiple university academic and administrative departments.