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Appeals & Complaints

Students have the right to appeal their final course grade and/or their academic standing.

The Department of Sociology adheres to the policies and procedures set out in the Grade and Standing Appeals Policies and Procedures.  

Additional information on filing an appeal can be found on the Senate websites.

The Students' Union provides academic advocacy and support for both Grade Appeals and Academic Standing Appeals (external link, opens in new window) .   

Note: To request the regarding of a single piece of course work (i.e. an assignment or test grade), please see the section on Regrading/Reassessment of Course Work.

Students have the right to complain without fear of reprisal.

The Students' Union provides helpful information on Instructor/Course Complaints (external link) .

The Department of Sociology encourages students who have complaints to follow the steps set out by the Office of the Ombudsperson.

If you are unsure how to proceed, please contact either the Department Chair or the Undergraduate Program Director to find out more about your options.

For complaints related to discrimination or harassment, please see the section of this handbook on Discrimination and Harassment.

The Department of Sociology adheres to the university's Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Policy.

The Department notes that given its focus and subject matter, course material may at times be challenging or controversial. The presentation of ideas that are deemed disturbing, irreverent or irrelevant does not constitute harassment.

Students who feel they may have experienced discrimination or harassment are encouraged to contact Human Rights Services.

The Department of Sociology adheres to the university's policy on Grade Reassessment and Grade Recalculation.  

Requests for regrading/reassessment must be made to the course instructor within 10 working days of the time when the work is returned to students or the grades for it are posted.