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Ensuring a safe environment for all

Statement to the TMU community
April 30, 2024
A university banner on the side of a building.

Everyone who is part of the university has a role to play in creating a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment for all.

Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) has a long history of being welcoming to people of all cultures, religions, races, backgrounds and political beliefs so that learning and scholarship may flourish. 

We know that the last seven months have been particularly difficult for many of our community members. The ongoing conflict in the Middle East, and other challenges around the world, have taken a toll on how we study, learn, research, teach and work. As protests spread across university campuses, we want to remind community members that everyone who is part of the university, as well as guests and visitors, has a role to play in creating a physically safe, inclusive, supportive and welcoming environment for all. 

TMU greatly values freedom of speech and academic freedom - the right to search for truth, knowledge and understanding - in ways that are free from discrimination, racism or hate. This is at the heart of what it means to be a university. And while the university is wholly committed to upholding these freedoms and our community members’ right to lawful assembly and peaceful protest, we also want to remind the community of the need to comply with university policies, including but not limited to the Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Policy and The Student Code of Non-Academic Conduct

Further, the actions of community members and visitors cannot cause any health and safety risks, interfere with the ability of students, faculty, librarians and staff to learn, teach, research and work on campus, and may not disrupt or impede university or City of Toronto activities and services. Any activities by community members or others that pose a risk to the university campus or its members will not be tolerated. Individuals engaging in activities or conduct contrary to TMU policies may be subject to investigation, loss of privileges, trespass, fines and/or criminal charges if there are damages, disruptions, risks to safety, or other unauthorized activities.

Disagreement and debate are key to learning, but we must do so through the respectful exchange of differing opinions and through sharing our beliefs in ways that create meaningful and constructive dialogue, insights and understanding.

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