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Kick off February with Black History Month events, Jagmeet Singh at TMU and developing a teaching philosophy

Your guide to exciting events on campus this month
By: Irina Vukosavic
February 01, 2024
 A group of students sitting at the SLC.

From reflections on racism to Black history in the making, learn more at Black History Month events at TMU.

February 2 

Jagmeet Singh at TMU: The NDP’s balancing act

Bring your questions for New Democratic Party Leader Jagmeet Singh, who returns to the Democracy Forum at TMU to discuss how his party applies pressure to the Liberal government through its supply and confidence agreement in a minority Parliament. From domestic to foreign issues, Singh’s left-leaning NDP has been at the centre of a political balancing act.

February 6

Bold, Beautiful & Brilliant Event with Mark Stoddart

In recognition of the significant contributions that Black Canadians have made to build our city and country, TMU Athletics and Recreation welcomes Mark Stoddart in a keynote talk. Stoddart will speak about the Bold, Beautiful and Brilliant Black History Month shirt he designed for TMU and share his journey of fostering positive change through art, sports and social activism. 

February 6

On Blackness and Belonging: Reflections on Racism in Canada and the United States

Debra Thompson’s memoir, The Long Road Home, provides an uncompromising account of how racism slips and mutates across the Canada-US border.  An associate professor of political science at McGill and born and raised in Canada, Debra brings a perspective from having lived in both countries. Join Thompson in conversation with Vershawn Young, an American-born writer, actor, lawyer, and professor of Black Studies at the University of Waterloo.

Aerial photo of Gould Street.

At the Soup and Substance event, Nicholas, a representative plaintiff in the class action, and Courtney, a Toronto lawyer and legal counsel involved in the class action, will address the ongoing lawsuit seeking long-term solutions to address systemic racism and discrimination in the Public Service of Canada.

February 8 

Soup and Substance: Black History in the Making

Join Human Rights Services in the Office of the Vice-President, Equity and Community Inclusion (OVPECI) for Soup and Substance, held in honour of Black History Month. The speakers will uncover powerful insights from a class action lawsuit representing Black Canadians in the Federal Court of Canada. Attendees will learn about the university's efforts to enhance representation, promotion and retention of Black staff at all levels.

February 9  

Black Excellence Mixer: A Renaissance of Our Own

Black students, faculty and staff are invited to come together and celebrate the blossoming success of the Black community at TMU. Join us in embracing Afrofuturism by engaging in intergenerational dialogue, welcoming ancestral wisdom and storytelling and honoring a rich history of Black achievement, creativity and exploration throughout the years. 

February 12 

Developing a Teaching Philosophy

This workshop  is part of the excellence in teaching program offered by the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching for faculty and contract academics. Have you started writing your teaching philosophy? Do you find yourself avoiding developing one? Are you looking to update or expand on one you’ve already created? Academic employment and appointments are often tied to teaching philosophies, and at times they can feel daunting and urgent. This one-hour, hands-on workshop can help you move forward with a personalized and authentic philosophy regardless of where you are in the process. No prior experience is necessary.

February 13 

Navigating Grief with Elder Joanne Dallaire

Join Elder (Ke Shay Hayo) and senior advisor, Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation Joanne Okimawininew Dallaire for a noon-hour session on dealing with grief. Explore teachings that support healing and the processing of difficult emotions. This event aims to support our community to cope with grief and maintain calm during these challenging times.

February 13

GRADSkills: Academic Integrity

This workshop will explore the underlying principles of academic integrity from an ethical point of view, as well as outline the practical side of academic integrity from a policy point of view. There will be a special emphasis on the way these principles and practicalities apply to graduate students.

February 13 

Supporting Sanctuary Scholars: Information Session for Faculty and Staff

Launched in September 2023, the Sanctuary Scholars program offered at TMU via the Office of Social Innovation (OSI), provides an access pathway specifically for students who hold precarious immigration status. Through this information session we will build awareness of the challenges and vulnerabilities faced by students in the Sanctuary Scholars program, strategies to support these students, as well as resources sharing. We invite faculty, contract lecturers, TAs/GAs and staff to come and learn more about Sanctuary Scholars.

Person cutting red dresses.

While crafting takes place, participants of the Healing Through Crafting Workshop will have the opportunity to watch educational resources about missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls by Pamela Palmater, TMU’s Chair in Indigenous Governance.

February 14 

Healing Through Crafting Workshop for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, Men and Two-Spirit People

Join the Healing Through Crafting workshop to help prepare for the annual February 14 Memorial Feast to honour missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, men and two-spirit people. Participants will be invited to cut out red dresses that will be strung together and displayed at the Memorial Feast to bring awareness to the thousands of Indigenous Peoples who have gone missing or who have been murdered across Turtle Island.

February 26

Breaking Bread: Lessons from my grandparents

Join the OVPECI to celebrate the profound impact of the diverse elders who have shaped us with their wisdom. Panellists will share remarkable experiences and lessons from their grandparents. Following the panel, we invite all participants to break bread, reflect on the influence of grandparents and elders, exchange stories and forge connections.

February 26

There is nothing optional about the 'Black Experience': Teaching and Black Queer Joy in the Classroom

This Black History Month, the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) is excited to expand on our commitment to nurturing Black pedagogies, fostering Black studies, and addressing anti-racism, particularly anti-Black racism. Join us as we talk about critical pedagogies of Black queer joy and art within the post-secondary classroom.

February 28  

Book Talk: Finding Edward with Sheila Murray

In her debut novel, Sheila Murray has created a sharp and incisive study of Black history in Canada, from the Toronto neighbourhood of the Ward in the early 20th century to the Atlantic Canadian community of Africville. Murray’s supple prose and confident storytelling make Cyril’s journey a fascinating and rewarding reading experience in a debut of uncommon power and pathos. Read more about her book in this TMT interview.

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