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PHOTO GALLERY: TMU Upcycled Gear Fashion Show

27 one-of-a-kind looks were created using Ryerson and Rams-branded materials
December 06, 2022
Five TMU Bold student-athletes pose in fashion pieces created for the TMU Upcycled Gear Fashion Show, using materials made from Ryerson and Rams-branded textiles.

These garments modeled by student-athletes at the TMU Upcycled Gear Fashion Show were created using materials like jerseys, socks, shorts and banners.  Photo credit: Curtis Martin

When Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) was renamed in April, 2022, the TMU Athletics and Recreation department (external link)  came up with a creative and sustainable approach to repurposing Ryerson and Rams-branded materials. 

The Branded Materials Transition Project has collected 11,000 kg of branded materials (apparel, stationery, varsity athletics jerseys, uniforms and signage) from 88 departments across the university. So far, 800 kg of these materials, like apparel, water bottles, backpacks and notebooks have been debranded and recirculated into the campus community. Eventually, all 11,000 kg will be debranded and repurposed or recycled sustainably. 

Led by Nuala Byles, director of marketing and Gina Vaccaro, manager of finance and strategic operations, the Athletics and Recreation Department collaborated on the project with Anika Kozlowski, professor of Fashion Design, Ethics and Sustainability at The Creative School, as well as TMU’s Office of Sustainability

Twenty fashion designers, made up of TMU Fashion Design alumni, students and local designers, created 27 one-of-a-kind looks using the branded Ryerson and Rams materials. The results were unveiled at the TMU Upcycled Gear Fashion Show in November, organized by the Athletics and Recreation department and The Creative School. Looks were modeled by student-athletes, both current and former, with some recognizable faces from around the university making special appearances. 

Each one-of-a-kind look was made for sale as part of a virtual auction, which will resume December 7, 2022 as part of a small-scale exhibit at The Fashion Zone gallery (110 Bond Street) until December 16, 2022. The entire community is invited to view the garments and bid to purchase them.

Proceeds from the auction and fashion show ticket sales, over $7,000 and counting, will be directed to the TMU Bold Equity and Inclusion Award. The TMU Bold Equity and Inclusion financial award will support the ambition of student-athletes from equity deserving groups to achieve excellence academically and athletically.

TorontoMet Today was at the Upcycled Gear Fashion Show and below are highlights of some of the looks:

Mohamed Lachemi

President and Vice-Chancellor Mohamed Lachemi wowed those in attendance by sporting a custom piece, a convocation gown made of jerseys, socks, lanyards, gift bag strings, felt pennants and table runners. Designed by Narishdath Maraj.

Jen McMillen

Vice-Provost Students Jen McMillen wears a custom jacket designed by Lex Brown of Neoteny Apparel and made from track pants.

Roberta Iannacito-Provenzano

Roberta Iannacito-Provenzano, interim provost and vice-president, academic, wears a blazer designed by Kelly Henderson of House of Hendo made from tote bags and t-shirts.

Sam Tinajero-Alvarado

Rugby player Sam Tinajero-Alvarado wears an outfit designed by Alexandra Armata, made of basketball jerseys, track pants, shorts and banners.

Felimon Henok

Track and Field athlete Felimon Henok wears a two-piece set designed by Luca Pistoia, made out of hockey socks, lanyard clips and laces.

Alyona Ivanova

Multi-sport athlete (equestrian and figure skating) Alyona Ivanova wears TWINGE by Jessica Frankel, made of hockey jerseys and basketball shorts.

 Journey Lashley

Soccer player Journey Lashley wears Freon Collective by Nancy Mac. Jacket and shirt made of track pants, t-shirts, tote bags and hockey socks. Shorts made from t-shirts. Bucket hat and fanny pack made by Scadding Court’s Stitch Lab (external link)  community sewing program.

Pascal Hum

Ultimate Frisbee player Pascal Hum wears Robin Jam. Top and shorts made of jersey hockey socks.

Saije Catcheway

Hockey player Saije Catcheway wears Megan Chee-A-Tow. Arm warmers made from university banners, skirt and vest made of banners and tote bags.

Ritesh Ahlawat

Barbell athlete, Ritesh Ahlawat, wears House of Hendo by Kelly Henderson. Trench coat made of track pants and t-shirts, pants made from tote bags. Clutch made from university banners. 

Yufei Yin

Yufei Yin, badminton athlete, wears Worth. by David C. Wigley. Jacket and shorts made from track pants and basketball shorts.

Cameron Larmour

Cameron Larmour, Esports athlete, wears avrgbbs. Shorts made from basketball shorts, and table covers. Shirt made from bags, banners and table covers. Vest made from unraveled and re-knit hockey socks.

Lhexen Rabit

Lhexen Rabit, volleyball athlete, wears a design by professor Anika Kozlowski and Shelley Haines. Jacket made from a reworked puffer jacket, pom poms, gloves, rugby scarves and rugby socks. Shirt/undershirt made from university banners. Pants made from Windbreaker track pants, hockey socks and lanyards.

Eve Uwayesu

Basketball athlete, Eve Uwayesu, wears shreyas saxena in collaboration with Scadding Court’s Stitch Lab (external link)  community sewing program. Dress made from examiner’s vests, deadstock hospitality and tourism shirts, hockey socks, scarves, blankets, hats and tote bags.

Two students in hockey equipment

Organizers of the TMU Upcycled Gear Fashion Show surprised the sold-out crowd by unveiling a sneak peek prototype of what the newly branded hockey jerseys will look like. Pictured here are varsity hockey players Tori Butler and Elijah Roberts.

Six people stand on stage, clapping

The TMU Upcycled Gear Fashion Show and Branded Materials Transition Project organizers, from left: Nuala Byles, Gina Vaccaro, Narishdath Maraj, Adriana Hill, professor Anika Kozlowski and Tricia Grenier. 

More than 143 students, faculty, staff and community members volunteered to execute the show and the Branded Materials Transition Project. The TMU Upcycled Gear Fashion Show is part of a larger research project by Kozlowski and Athletics and Recreation that focuses on responsible textile sorting and recycling.

Photo credit for all fashion show imagery: Alyssa Katherine Faoro.

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