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Update on mascot and athletic team name

Based on community input, committee determines that TMU will have a new mascot and team name moving forward
June 16, 2022
A female hockey player on the ice.

The Mascot and Varsity Team Name committee will develop a shortlist of new ideas for the university mascot and varsity team name.

The first phase of the Mascot and Varsity Team Name Community Engagement concluded on May 30th. The Mascot and Team Name committee received over 2,000 survey responses, emails and social media contributions - generating hundreds of mascot and team name ideas. Community members have also taken the time to share insight about what they feel the committee should consider when moving through the process of selecting a mascot and team name. 

Parameters now outlined

Drawing from this community input, the committee has established a set of parameters that thoughtfully consider the university’s values and aspirations. This set of parameters allows each idea to be assessed in a more consistent and intentional way. 

Some of the parameters are more subjective, such as:

  •  Does this idea make sense for the university?
  • Is it appealing? 

Others are more objective, such as;

  •  Does this name make sense for community members of all genders? 
  • Does it align with our recent renaming?
  • Is the name legally ownable?

Further to these questions, the committee is considering the values that have successfully guided our athletics programs to date. As such, ideas are being assessed for their alignment with resiliency, authenticity, inclusivity, determination and pride, which will impact whether they are considered any further.  

These parameters led to the decision that "Rams" will not be considered moving forward.

The values that we so closely associated with our athletics programs are not the same values evoked by a ram - they are values of our community, our athletes and our supporters. Reconsidering our mascot and team name provides us the opportunity to find a name that better aligns with who we have become and who we wish to be. 

Next steps

The committee will create a shortlist of ideas and launch Phase two of the community engagement in early July. At that time, all community members will have the opportunity to share input on the shortlist of ideas before a decision on a final recommendation is made. If any community members have new ideas that they would like the committee to consider before finalizing the shortlist, they are encouraged to email the committee at by June 24, 2022. 

Following this second phase of consultation as well as careful review and research carried out by the committee, including cultural and legal checks, a recommendation will be submitted to the President for a decision.

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