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Bug Push returns to campus for 20th annual fundraiser

Engineering students pushed a Volkswagen Beetle around the Kerr Hall quad for 24 hours
By: Jess Leach
April 07, 2022

After a two-year hiatus, Ryerson engineering students were able to return to campus for their 24-hour fundraiser, giving them a chance to show off their school spirit.

After a two-year pause due to COVID-19, engineering students brought their chants, excitement and good will back to campus for the 20th annual Bug Push on March 24. 

The Bug Push is exactly how it sounds - students push a Volkswagen Beetle around the Kerr Hall quad for 24 hours, raising money for an important cause. This year, the group donated $5,000 to the SickKids Foundation.

Four people push a vintage Volkswagen Beetle around the Ryerson quad.

Engineering students got to show off their school spirit and raise money for SickKids Foundation. Photo credit: Alyssa K. Faoro

Not only is this annual event a wonderful opportunity to give to children in need, this year it was a chance for students to unite on campus for one of the first in-person events since COVID-19 restrictions were lifted. Hundreds of students participate each year, keeping spirits high from 12 p.m. on Thursday to 12 p.m. on Friday. 

A group of four people push a vintage Bug along a cobbled walkway.

President Mohamed Lachemi showed his support for the event by joining in for a leg of the push. Photo: Alyssa K. Faoro

The Bug Push happens every March as part of National Engineering Month events.

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