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The Creative School is new brand identity for Faculty of Communication and Design

Rebranding reinforces faculty’s commitment to empower the next creative generation
August 10, 2021
A woman dances with a robot.

The Uncanny Robots Project, a dance duet featuring Belinda McGuire, and a KUKA robot. 

Charles Falzon, dean of the Faculty of Communication and Design (FCAD) at Ryerson University, announced this week that the faculty will be known as The Creative School, effective August 16, 2021. 

The repositioning of the faculty comes after two years of rigorous research, consultations with industry professionals, and input from the FCAD community that overall supported the revised brand positioning and comprehensive definition of creativity. It is an important part of the evolution of the faculty and is aimed at sustaining and driving it’s growth and reputation. 

“The Creative School as a name is providing us with a clearer, cohesive and impactful message, helping us to build on our reputational equity, attract calibre talent, pursue increased funding, and maintain our competitive edge,” says Falzon. “This repositioning will allow us to reinforce our faculty as the launchpad nurturing today’s creative minds so they can be the change makers of the future.” 

“Creativity is about innovation, expression and transformation,” says David Gauntlett, Canada Research Chair in Creativity at The Creative School. “It’s the process at the heart of our school which unlocks meanings and connections, and enables us to imagine the future together.” 

UNESCO has designated 2021 as the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development, recognizing that the creative industries stimulate innovation and diversification, support entrepreneurship, and contribute to cultural diversity. The Creative School will provide students and graduates with the knowledge and skills to creatively problem-solve our biggest challenges and to succeed and thrive in this rapidly changing, globalized 21st century. 

The Creative School's new logo, which says "The Creative School."

The Creative School's new logo.

The Creative School is not new: it is based on a seven-decade legacy that boasts some of the top media and communication, design and creative industries schools in the country. Creativity is about new ways of thinking, making and doing. Through experiential education, impactful research, and industry collaboration, The Creative School offers a transdisciplinary learning environment providing rich student opportunities for diverse intellectual experimentation, enhanced learning experiences, innovative skills development and the fostering of a global mindset. 

“Our new brand identity reflects our proud heritage and bright future, emphasizing a depth of professional development that is greatly enhanced by a transdisciplinary approach to experiential learning,” says Falzon. “The Creative School marks the beginning of an exciting chapter in our journey.”

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