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Ways to work out from home

Programs from Ryerson Athletics & Recreation help the community stay active and improve focus
November 05, 2020
A fitness instructor teaches the jab

Virtual fitness classes from Ryerson Athletics & Recreation instructors are available online and shared on YouTube.

Experts say there are more than just physical benefits to exercise. Moving your body can offer mental health and academic benefits as well. In fact, regular exercise can result in:

  • Improved immune function
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved digestion
  • Improved focus
  • Increased energy
  • Elevated mood

Physical activity can also be a powerful coping strategy. As the community continues to work and learn remotely, Ryerson Athletics & Recreation has created easy and accessible ways for students, faculty and staff to move safely while reaping all the benefits of physical activity.

A woman does squats in her living room

Several different fitness programs have been created to make sure that the Ryerson community can get active from home.

MOVE Everywhere

MOVE Everywhere is Ryerson Athletics & Recreation’s main hub for exercise options. As part of a commitment to ensure everyone can move with care, MOVE Everywhere offers the opportunity to get active at Ryerson, online and in your neighbourhood.

Use their MOVE Everywhere online portal for group fitness classes live on Zoom, Neighbourhood Movement Meetups, Movement Breaks, intramural e-sports, club sport meet-ups on Zoom and on-demand activities and classes.

A fitness instructor stretches

A full schedule of online classes like HIIT, yoga and cardio are available.

Virtual Fitness

Online group fitness options have improved since the pandemic shut the Mattamy and Recreation & Athletic Centres. Community members now have access to a full schedule of Zoom classes to choose from. Options include: Barre Bootcamp, HIIT, Cardio Pump and Morning Yoga, among many others.

These fitness classes are also available on YouTube (external link)  for 24/7 access.

A woman stretches in her living room

Taking short breaks for exercise can improve focus between meetings or classes.

Movement Breaks

If you are looking for light physical activity as a means to take a break from work or studying, Ryerson Athletics & Recreation has created Movement Breaks. You can pick from three, six and ten-minute break options to recharge mind and body between classes or meetings.

There are several options to choose from in each break segment, from light stretching to full body workouts. Activities are updated several times a week and Ryerson Athletics & Recreation will be offering original video content in the coming weeks.

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