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Next steps for selection of student government, and continuation of student services

Lead Process Officer announced
Category:From the Vice-Provost, Students
February 20, 2020
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The university is encouraged by students’ participation to have their voices heard and to shape the future of student government on campus.

The university is pleased to announce BDO Canada’s Ian Brennan and the Fairness Advisory Services team in the role of Lead Process Officer (LPO). BDO has been a trusted advisor to many educational institutions and not-for-profit organizations on governance and best practices. BDO will provide guidance and assistance to the Student Government Selection Process Committee consisting of current Ryerson students, Daniel Lis, Julia Spagnuolo, Katey Park, and Zainab Bokhari; and recent Ryerson graduate, Michelle Park. The committee is supported by Lianne Newman, manager, Student Engagement and Development, Faculty of Communication and Design, who has been seconded to serve as the Process Manager in a non-voting role.

The committee and LPO have complete independence in establishing and administering the rules of the process and vote to select a student government structure. They are responsible for determining the eligibility of all groups that present themselves as candidates, ensuring that candidate groups post their campaign expenses publicly, explaining the voting procedure, and allocating the resources required to conduct the election.

The university received feedback on using the title of Chief Process Officer (used in the original announcement of the role). In keeping with our commitment to Truth and Reconciliation and respect for Indigenous perspectives, we will be calling the position Lead Process Officer moving forward.

Proposals for the structure of student government

The committee has confirmed that it has received six nomination proposals for consideration. The committee and the LPO will review all submissions received and will host an all-candidates meeting to discuss the next steps of the process.

Campaign and Election Process

In March 2020, Ryerson University's full-time undergraduate and all graduate students will have the opportunity to vote for the structure of their representative government.

Strong, independent student government is important to Ryerson University. With this election, the university wants to ensure that students are represented by an association that clearly intends to implement the principles of good governance and demonstrates a commitment to:

  • public financial accountability;
  • democratic and transparent governance;
  • sound human resource management; and
  • timely and transparent communication with students and the university.

The committee and LPO will be responsible for communicating the rules of eligibility, dates of the campaign period, and date of the election.

An independent and highly experienced third-party firm, Simply Voting (external link) , will run the electronic voting.

The students who put forward the successful proposal will be responsible for organizing a general election for Ryerson students in early April 2020. The Process Manager will remain available to the new student government to support this process.

Students who have questions should direct any inquiries to the committee at or visit (external link) .

We thank all students who have taken the time to engage with this important process. The university is encouraged by students’ participation to have their voices heard and to shape the future of student government on campus.

I want to assure students that Ryerson University remains firmly committed to working in good faith with a student government that demonstrates a commitment to financial accountability, transparency and good governance.

Continuation of student services

We understand that some community members have raised questions about access to student services provided by the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU). To ensure continuity of support, the university initiated discussions with RSU for an interim agreement to preserve certain services, including the Student Advocate, Good Food Centre, and Centre for Safer Sex and Sexual Violence Support. We will keep you informed as soon as additional details become available.


Jen McMillen
Vice-Provost, Students

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