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Making art out of chaos

Architectural science students created an installation at Kew Beach in Toronto for the 2018 Winter Stations Design Competition
By: Antoinette Mercurio
February 22, 2018

NEST is the brainchild of architectural science students Adrian Chiu, Arnel Espanol and Henry Mai, an installation designed for the 2018 Winter Stations Design Competition, external link. This year’s competition theme is riot, which NEST aims to embody with ideas of comfort in a system of disorder and complexity. The structure is composed of modular cells that contain a weave of colourful webs, providing both shelter and playful moments of light and shadow in the space. NEST can be seen until April 1 in Toronto’s east-end Beaches neighbourhood. Below is a gallery of images showing the progression of the group’s work, from beginning sketches to the final product. To see the other installations, visit this Toronto Life story, external link.

All photos by Henry Mai.


1.       The creators, from left: Adrian Chiu, Arnel Espanol and Henry Mai.

2.       Early concept sketch.

3.       Cutting the first pieces of material.

4.       Beginning production.

5.       Attaching burlap to the birch plywood cell.

6.       Practice run before the final construction.

7.       The final piece on the beach.

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