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Discover Mentorship Program

discover program

The career development process is a lonely and difficult journey in and of itself. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting the world economy and causing high levels of unemployment, job searching has become even more daunting for recent graduates. 

At the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science (FEAS), our goal is to continue empowering our alumni as they enter their respective industries while maintaining a community that all of our members can stay connected to. We recognize that our recent alumni have overcome many hurdles since their convocation day, and we are excited to support this group in tackling these challenges.

To offer our new graduates the opportunity to start fresh in their post-graduation journey, FEAS is pleased to present the Discovery Mentorship Program (DMP). The DMP connects our alumni with industry-renowned mentors who will help them overcome challenges and make informed career decisions to help them achieve their goals.