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Why Self-Identify?

Two colleagues in conversation

Your voluntary self-identification will help the university to identify and remove barriers that impact the employment opportunities of historically and persistently underrepresented groups and make the hiring process more equitable and inclusive for all applicants.

This initiative of the Human Resources department, developed together with the Office of the Vice-President, Equity and Community inclusion, responds to the gaps in representation of the five equity-deserving groups identified in Employee Diversity Self-ID reports, as well as recommendations in the Anti-Black Racism Campus Climate Review Report and the Truth and Reconciliation Community Consultation Summary Report. These reports identified some of the barriers and disadvantages that perpetuate the underrepresentation of equity-deserving groups in staff generally, or in specific types of jobs. 

We are working on strengthening our hiring strategies and processes, however without data we are limited in our ability to measure the success of these initiatives. 

The data you provide related to staff/administrative recruitment will help the University understand who is applying, who is progressing through the hiring process and ultimately who is successful in attaining positions. This will help us take action to increase representation through external hires and assess internal movement and growth for existing staff from equity-deserving groups. Understanding where barriers exist helps us address them in an intentional and focused way.