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A look at Policy Innovation Labs around the world using Google Maps.

Full Interative Map here (external link, opens in new window) .

Who is NESTA:
NESTA bring together the very big, such as national governments and global technology firms, with the grassroots, such as community groups and local activists, to make change happen. Read more here (external link, opens in new window) .

The World Bank previously offered a Coursera course on Public Engagement as an International Development Strategy.

Government works best when citizens are directly engaged in policymaking & public service delivery. What conditions are necessary for inclusive and effective citizen engagement? Can it positively improve people's lives? 

An asset map of EU-based policy innovation labs.

Policy Labs are emerging structures that construct public policies in an innovative, design-oriented fashion, in particular by engaging citizens and companies working within the public sector. 

 (PDF file) Full article here (opens in new window) .

Currently, a number of Policy Labs exist in a handful of Member States of the European Union. Interest stemming from administrations and government organizations in other Member States indicate the objective to create a Lab, many of whom have a desire to build upon the experience and best practices of their peers. 

The Centre for Public Impact has an “observatory” for policy innovation labs covering some general criteria for innovation reforms and evaluations of engagement projects.

Using the  (PDF file) Public Impact Fundamentals (external link)  The Centre for Public Impact has analysed hundreds of examples of public policy succeeding or failing, drawing out the key lessons for future policy work.

Full Observatory Articles here (external link, opens in new window) .

Module 3: Scaling Impact

Module 5: Social Finance

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Module 6: Outcomes Finance