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Report identifies opportunities for collaboration between the City and higher-ed institutions in the GTA

Summary of learnings from the 2021 CivicLabTO academic summit and discussion series, for researchers and leaders.
September 27, 2022

City Building TMU is pleased to share its report, Opportunities for City/HEI Collaboration and Research, that synthesizes information presented in the first year of the CivicLabTO partnership between the City of Toronto and Toronto’s eight higher education institutions (HEIs).

This report toplines key insights from the 2021 CivicLabTO Academic Summit and Pre-Summit Discussion Series, which brought together city leaders, public servants, academics and students to grapple with some of the biggest urban challenges and opportunities we face in Toronto following the COVID-19 pandemic. Participants shared their diverse perspectives, experiences and provocative ideas for moving forward, offering insight from policies and programs, community projects and research. To assist our partners, we collected ideas and offers input on next steps, identifying some priorities for research and collaborative activities that might support the City of Toronto’s post-pandemic recovery goals.

The purpose of the report is to capture ideas and opportunities for ways the City of Toronto can work with HEI partners and the non-profit sector to advance research and other city building initiatives. We hope that our partners, along with researchers across the GTA, will find this a useful guide and source of inspiration on co-creating a stronger city through knowledge exchange.