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Dr. Sarah Sabatinos

Associate Professor, Graduate Program Director (Molecular Science)

Research Interests

Nuclear Stability and Genome Instability

Environment-Drug Interactions

Chemotherapy Testing

Anti-Coronavirus Compound Screening

Cell Cycle Checkpoints & DNA Repair

Stress Kinase Singling & Effect(s)

Course Code Course Name
BMS 650
Experimental Design
BMS 865
Model Organisms
BMS 500
Human Genetics
BMS 607
Molecular Genetics and Epigenetics
MS 8102   Advanced Imaging
MS 8109   Molecular Machines
  • Sabatinos Lab Research
  • Team Boron, with Robert Gossage (Ryerson), Steven Westcott (Mt Alison University)
  • Collaborator - Serghides Lab, Toronto General Research Institute
Degree University
PhD University of Toronto
BSc University of Guelph