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Dr. Marc J. Adler

Dr. Marc J. Adler
Associate Professor

Research Interests

Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Organosilicon Chemistry

Biological Probes and Bioactive Molecules

Protein-Protein Interactions

Course Code Course Name
CHY 142
Organic Chemistry I
CHY 242   Organic Chemistry II
CHY 307
Chemistry Laboratory Research Project
CHY 399
Property-Directed Integrated Laboratory
CHY 437 Organic Chemistry
CHY 600
Organic Reaction Mechanisms
MS 8115
Organic Methodology
  • Mortar Board Outstanding Faculty, Northern Illinois University, 2012, 2013 and 2014
Degree Year University
University of Oxford
PDF 2009 Yale University
PhD 2008 Duke University
BSc 2003 University of California, Berkeley