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Dr. Dustin Little

Research Interests

Host-pathogen Interactions

Protein Structure & Function



Protein Phosphorylation


Course Code Course Name
BCH 550 / MS8114
BCH 580
Cell Signalling
BCH 560 Protein Structure and Function
  • Dean’s Research Fund PDF, Ryerson University
  • CIHR Operating Grant: COVID-19 Emerging Variants in partnership with CITF and PHAC
  • CIHR Operating Grant: COVID-19 in partnership with CITF and PHAC
  • John R. Evans Leader Fund, Canada Foundation for Innovation
  • NSERC Discovery Launch Supplement
  • NSERC Discovery Grant
  • Mildred Gulliver Award for Infectious Disease Research, McMaster University
  • Michael G. DeGroote Postdoctoral Fellowship, McMaster University
  • CIHR Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • CIHR Doctoral Scholarship
Degree Year University
2015 University of Toronto
2008 University of Waterloo