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Dr. Bryan D. Koivisto

Associate Professor

Research Interests

Materials Chemistry

Property-Directed Synthesis

Renewable Energy

Device Fabrication

Course Code Course Name
CCHY 242
Organic Chemistry II
CHY 447
Solid State Chemistry
CKCH 200
CHY 142 Organic Chemistry I
CHY 200   Organic Chemistry for Food and Nutrition
CHY 224 Organic Chemistry for Engineers
CHY 307 Integrated Research and Directed Synthesis
CHY 339 Spectroscopy of Organic Molecules
CHY 399   Integrated Property Directed Synthesis
CHY 600 Organic Reaction Mechanisms
CHY 445 Materials Chemistry
CHY 482 Selected topics (organometallic chemistry)
Degree Year University
PDF 2011
University of Calgary
University of Edinburgh
2006 University of Victoria
BSc 2000 University of Waterloo