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1-1 VR

Research participant wearing a VR headset, with hand-drawn cartoon eyes on the headset.
Exploring one on one performance through virtual reality

In collaboration with London South Bank University (external link) , 1-1 VR explores the use of VR (virtual reality) within one-on-one performance. Through the use of live stream VR, this project hopes to further develop the idea of perspective and the connection between ourselves and technology. We are currently using an Oculus headset and Vuze 360 camera to help bring this project to life, which allows us to experiment in real time the effects the two have on one another.


Initial Investigation
Initial Investigation

From November 4-8, 2019, the TRiPL team was joined by co-investigator Dr. Eugénie Pastor for a week long initial investigation into the project. During this week, we did workshops, technology testing, scholarly research, and presentations. Throughout this process, we found a common theme of perspective in our working. At the end of our week, Eugénie, along with Michael Bergmann, gave a talk to TMU students, graduates and faculty about our findings and one-on-one performance.