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TRiPL (Technological Research in Performance Lab) is a research umbrella group for longer-term projects. 

Our goal is to foster projects that explore how emerging technology can add to existing live performance methods, and create new ways of storytelling. Our focus is on the live and in-person component of storytelling mediums like theatre, dance, and opera, and how technology can enrich and expand on that experience.

TRiPL is housed (currently virtually) at The Catalyst at The Creative School.



Michael F Bergmann - School of Performance

Current Research Associates

Jonathon Anderson - RSID
Linda Zhang - RSID
Louis Laberge-Côté - Performance
Belinda McGuire (external link)  - External
Eugénie Pastor (external link)  - London South Bank University

Current Research Assistants



Asli Ozuak - Research Assistant (Performance)

Rita Yushina - Reserach Assistant (RSID)

Emilie Trimbee (external link)  - Research Assistant (Performance)

Sasha Anderson - Research Assistant (Performance)