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TRiPL (Technological Research in Performance Lab)

Projects developed within the Technological Research in Performance Lab aim to expand performance beyond a human-centred medium and challenge what constitutes as performance in an ever changing technological ecosystem. Our goal is to explore how audience-performer relationships change and differ with the integration of emerging technologies: including show control, non-humanoid robot performers and AI. We examine how they can further develop and explore reciprocal human-robot empathy and enhance audience experiences in a vast variety of performance spaces. 

TRiPL is housed at The Catalyst at The Creative School. (opens in new window) 


Michael F Bergmann - Director

Alex Grozdanis - Research Assistant (Performance)


Past Research Associates

Jonathon Anderson - RSID
Linda Zhang - RSID
Louis Laberge-Côté - Performance
Belinda McGuire
Eugénie Pastor - London South Bank University


Lab Alumni

David Robert - Research Assistant (New Media / MDM)

Asli Ozuak - Research Assistant (Performance)

Rita Yushina - Research Assistant (RSID)

Emilie Trimbee - Research Assistant (Performance)

Sasha Anderson - Research Assistant (Performance)