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Made of Grit

Grit is more than just the particles that form our city and our campus. At Toronto Metropolitan University, it’s an attitude that defines us. One that drives us to overcome challenges in pursuit of excellence. To transform obstacles into opportunities. To expand the realm of possibility. To turn to one another and persevere in moments of need. 

Most of all, it’s what fuels us to continue building a better tomorrow — for us and for this city we call home. 


Stories of grit


Show us what you're made of

We want to see how you display determination and drive. Our #TMUGrit contest is your chance to tell us about yourself, be featured on our social media feeds and even and win from a selection of prizes. Grit takes so many forms. It could be athletic determination, artistic drive, or academic dedication. It could be a commitment to give back to your community. Share your videos to tell us what it means to you.



“Grit is about the ability to challenge the status quo and push boundaries. It's being resilient and determined to make our university a better place as well as our city and the world that surrounds us.”