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Student Proposals Downsview Park, Toronto

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Location/Emplacement: Downsview Park, Toronto, ON, Canada
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This is part of a master plan for Downsview Park developed by Ryerson students from the Department of Architectural Science. The design focused on the growing, vending, and eating of food within the park setting. This bridge was designed with intermittent sheltered platforms that could be used as picnic shelters. It also serves as a landmark and gateway to the “cultivation campus”, where the 747 Community Greenhouse is located. The entire design was developed around the adaptive reuse of aircraft parts.

40 Carl Hall Road was designed as an adaptive re-use project that would incorporate the headquarter building for the “Green Incubator,” a proposal for an organization that would act as a role model for the 'green revolution.' Shown here is a greenhouse addition to the existing building, that would serve as both a focal point and a link to the National Urban Park as described in the proposed master plan of Downsview Park. The greenhouse and the roof both reference the park which is at the heart of this development, with the greenhouse including exhibits of native plants as well as providing a means of producing food, particularly in the winter months, for neighbourhood residents.

This greenhouse and farmers market complex is intended to be located in the center of the cultivation campus of Parc Downsview Park either as a single building or a grouping of greenhouse/market complex buildings. The building itself is made up of recycled 737 fuselage skeletal structures, strong and light, they are also large enough to accommodate numerous garden plots.

Designed to be integrated within the master plan for Downsview Park, the 747 Community Greenhouse satisfies three primary objectives of sustainability, economy, and community. In keeping with the design philosophy developed for the park, a recycled portion of a fuselage from a Boeing 747 airplane has been used for the structure of the greenhouse. Stripped of the original panelling, the structural framework has been re-clad in glass. The program for the 747 Community Greenhouse is modelled after similar successful community initiatives located across North America, particularly the Inuvik Community Greenhouse. It provides space for educational activities, indoor allotment gardens, and commercial opportunities, helping to form a stronger, healthier neighbourhood.

The Vertical Gardens project is a proposed frame structure located between proposed future edible garden plots in the “Cultivation Campus” of Parc Downsview Park and the existing railway tracks, creating a green buffer zone between the two. This vertical garden would be serviced on the North side, through a service wall, leaving the southern exposure for maximum sun exposure. An open food market connects the two sides of the wall at ground-level. Similar to the idea of food carts and farm stands, the framework would become a permanent structure, while the plug-in units would form greenhouse cubicles that can change in nature over time as different growers occupy the modules and produce a variety of crops.

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