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DFZ Staff

When seven fabrication, design and research enthusiasts come together the possibilites are endless! Together we create a community that welcomes odd ducks, loveable weirdos, self identifying loud-kids, thoughtful quiet folks, crafters and creatives off all kinds. Together we make the Design Fabrication Zone Dream Team! 

DFZ Staff

Ashley Jane Lewis (She/Her)

Manager | Co-Director at The Creative School Innovation Studio

Emily Allan (She/Her)

Creative Technologist
#DIY #Scavenging #Inflatables

Anna Wdowczyk (She/Her)

Researcher and Writer
#Storytelling #CreateEveryday #WomenInResearch

Peggy Sue Deaven (She/Her)

Experience Coordinator
#SustainableFashion #CourageousConversations #WomenLeaningIn

Ofir Rosen (They/Them)

Coding Technologist
#AlternativeControllers #ExperienceDesign #SafetyFirst

Megan Schoeppich (She/Her)

Creative Technologist
#CreativeCoding #KineticSculpture #SharingIsCaring

Sabrina Thomason (She/Her)

Experience and Space Designer
#CleverRepurposing #ActivityJunkie #ChattyCathy

The Innovation Studio Staff

Ramona Pringle (She/Her)

Director - On Leave
The Creative School Innovation Studio

Angelique Bowen-Achong (She/Her)

Member Services Administrator 
The Creative School Innovation Studio 

David Gauntlett (He/Him)

Acting Director
The Creative School Innovation Studio

Erin Kjaer (She/Her)

Operations Manager
The Creative School Innovation Studio


Ofir Rosen (They/Them)

Clubs Instructor - Creative Coding 

Quinn Shoreman

Clubs Instructor - Typography 

Janelle Sookhai (She/Her)

Clubs Instructor - Mending

Miranda Shou (She/Her)

Clubs Instructor - BioPlastics


Jonathon Anderson (He/Him)

Associate Professor at The School of Interior Design 
Director of Creative Technology Lab at FCAD