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RBC Opt-In: Women's Career Continuation Program

Upcoming event date to be announced soon.

RBC Opt-In is an innovative return to work program, sponsored by RBC Canada. The program is designed specifically for women who are making the decision to return to the corporate workplace after a prolonged absence.

RBC Opt-In encourages women to celebrate skills which have been developed while taking a prolonged leave from work to care for children, elderly parents, or for personal health management. The return to work program is an opportunity for 20 women to engage in a journey towards career success.

The program is delivered: 

  • Over 7 days
  • By dynamic facilitators who are highly engaging, interactive, and supportive
  • It is our desire that our participants are eager to return to the corporate workplace with new skills and renewed confidence

The program is designed to:

  • Provide participants with broadened business acumen and a success mindset. 
  • Encourage participants to return to work with the intent to take a leadership role in effectively managing their own careers. 
  • Encouraged to recognize the benefits of their extended leave

Contact us for more information about how you can be in this program.