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Urban Water Labs Resume Research

COVID-19 stormed the world causing a global pandemic within a matter of months. On March 13th 2020, Ryerson President Mohamed Lachemi announced that classes would move to an online format to deliver course content in a safer manner. Researchers and staff were asked to work from home when possible, and avoid coming into labs for research. 

The university is in close contact with Public Health experts and the safety of the university community is paramount. Stringent safety measures are in effect: 

  • Health checks prior to arrival on campus and contact tracing
  • Mandatory face covering policies in effect 
  • Lab capacity limitations and physical distancing throughout spaces
  • Sanitization and cleaning supplies throughout the lab

These actions are in place to assure the safety of the research community and to enable research to continue at the Urban Water Labs.


The Urban Water Research Labs continue to actively conduct research on various projects including: 

  • Wastewater surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 
  • Contaminants in urban water run off and impacts on urbanized watersheds 
  • Contaminants of emerging concern and the gap between science and policy
  • Microplastics and leachate using environmental fingerprinting techniques
  • Green house gas impacts of various wetland plants
  • Green wall and removal of aerosol contaminants
  • Flushability of disposable products and impacts on sewers
  • Innovation in storm water treatment technologies
  • Aerobic Granular Sludge in Wastewater Treatment