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Urban Farm

The Urban Farm operates two rooftop farms on campus to produce and distribute food, facilitate research and engage the community through ecological rooftop farming and food justice initiatives. The Urban Farm strives to support the health and well-being of the community and surrounding ecosystem by using practices that are ecologically, socially and financially just. This includes growing foods, medicines and plants that are culturally significant to many communities by applying diverse knowledges, foodways and growing techniques.

Interested in learning more about where the Urban Farm operates on campus? Visit the our spaces page on our website to learn about our two rooftop locations!

Harvest Collective and Learning Circle crops are displayed on a kitchen counter.

The Harvest Collective and Learning Circle seeks to engage Black communities through the cultivation of food and providing educational opportunities addressing Black Food Sovereignty.

A table display of Indigenous medicines grown at the Urban Farm.

The Indigenous Foodways program supports and celebrates traditional Indigenous ecological knowledge and ways of growing, while also producing crops and medicines for our community.


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