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OneCard eAccounts allows you to manage your Student OneCard easily and securely, all online. Cardholders can:

  • make instant deposits using a credit card;
  • check current balances and review transaction activity;
  • download and print account statements;
  • quickly freeze funds if you lose your card; and
  • allow guests to deposit funds.

Privacy disclaimer

TMU uses a third-party service provider, Transact Holdings Inc. to enable you to make secure online deposits of funds to your OneCard account. Should you choose to use this service, any financial information (credit card or banking information) you provide to Transact is not shared with TMU. Transact shares limited personal information with TMU specifically, your first and last name, student ID number, and email address which TMU needs in order to link the deposits to the actual OneCard account.


eAccounts is only available to active students* with a valid my.torontomu username and password**.

*While all students with my.torontomu information can access the eAccounts portal, only those with an active OneCard account (activated based on enrollment) will be able to access eAccounts functionality.

**If you have newly created your my.torontomu online identity, you will have to wait 48 hours in order to access eAccounts functionality.

OneCard eAccounts functionality

You can use eAccounts to perform the following tasks:

You can deposit funds onto your OneCard using eAccounts. Funds deposited via eAccounts are attached to your student OneCard and may not be added to a non-ID cash card. If you are not the card holder and are hoping to make a guest deposit, follow the instructions in the next section.

Accepted payment methods

Visa Debit, Visa, Mastercard and American Express

Add a specific amount or top-off the current balance

You can choose a specific amount to deposit or to deposit enough funds to top-off the current balance. For example, if an account contains $10, you can choose to top-off the balance so that the total account has $55 in it. Therefore, you would be charged the difference of $45.

The minimum deposit amount is $5 and the maximum is $999.

Account types you can deposit to

Your Campus Fund is the default account assigned to all students for deposits through eAccounts. Therefore, if you make a deposit of funds without indicating a specific account type, they will be in your Campus Fund.

You may deposit funds to the following accounts with eAccounts:

  • Campus Fund
  • Flex Dollars
  • Laundry (for residence students)
  • TMU Eats

Please note, if a selected account is not assigned to your OneCard, the transaction will not process.

Guests (e.g. friends and family members, etc.) can make anonymous deposits for specific amounts to your OneCard into the Campus Fund or specific accounts*.

The guest will be required to input the following information into the system regarding the recipient:

  • Last name of student
  • TMU email address of student
  • TMU student ID number

*If an account selected is not assigned to the student’s OneCard, the transaction will not process. Please confirm with the card holder, if an account other than Campus Fund is required.

Your eAccounts also allows you to:

Review transactions


You can review transactions and generate reports for specific accounts. You can also filter by transaction type, time period, amount and/or location.

Board transactions: Residence Meal Plans and Block Plans

You can review transactions and generate board transaction reports for your Residence Meal Plan and/or Block Plans. You can also filter by plan type, use, meal type, transaction type, time period and/or location.

Check account balances

You can review overall balances in each account or Board Plans that are associated with your card.

Download statements

You can also review and download account statements in PDF format. Please note that these are not official statements.

Official statements

If you require an official statement from the past 24 months with your name and student number, you can request it by emailing from your TMU email account.

If you lose your card, you can quickly freeze your funds using eAccounts. Just log onto eAccounts and mark your card as lost by deactivating it, under Card Services. All funds will remain frozen.

To reactivate your card, you can also use eAccounts or by emailing from your TMU email account. 

Please note, if your OneCard is found, it can still provide door access to secured buildings and rooms the card has been authorized for. To protect from unauthorized door access, please contact the OneCard Office to freeze your card entirely.


If you have any questions about eAccounts, please contact the OneCard office.